Friday, May 7, 2010

I was looking up old movie posters for a project, and i came across this specific one. This movie was an earlier horror movie, and how the designer went about making the poster works really well. The use of the green to give the viewer that image of a big green monster coming out of a lagoon, makes this piece stong. The usage all around makes the whole image visually interesting because you see this tiny boat a float up top, and a big green monster underneath, already gives you that lurky feel. How the designer was able to flow the text into the image to connect it to the graphics work well and all around i think the designer did a good job


Cant hate everyone likes to go back and think about the thunder cat days. I chose this picture becasue though it was a cheesy cartoon back in the dinosaur days, the way it was designed makes it very interesting. I was looking at a few posters and came across this one, and thought i'd write about it. The color selections the artist used was a good idea because black/red/and white work relly well together and can really have that eye catching effect. the artist obviously wanted to give it a huanting effect/feel to it which i fell works well. The connection between the type and the image was a good choice especially the Mumm-Ra being at the top with the graphic looking as if he's coming right after you,

Word Face

This was an interesting yet strong image created by just using type/words. I have seen this tpye of artwork before but it find it cool how an artist can create such a dominant picture by using only words, and color. The war the artist uses different color saturtaions and tones to give the image depth, and almost a 3-D feel. The use of type works really well with the image because it is what creates it. It is incredible to see the designer use color and placement so well to make the piece strong.


I was looking through images online when i came across this specific image. Since i am doing this for a Typography class, the way the artis was able to use text to present his piece, and message made it dominant. The text works well with the image shown, and has that war feeling not only in the image, but the type as well, becasue around those times, the use of colors wasn't used as strong as images now are being shown. The artist was able to give it the war feel to it as well because of the specific font that he chose to use. The use of the blue gives it either a sky look or also the look of a winf flying. the connection with the font and the image work really well together